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  1. Thank you, I appreciate your reply! I was planning on applying just to see this year while working on the Master's. I haven't told anyone in my family or friends, so I needed some in put somewhere else.
  2. Hello, I am currently an x-ray technologist and I'm looking at applying to NOSM. I am also looking into taking a master’s degree to get the 0.2 GPA increase. Would it be worth it for me to apply? My GPA is definitely my weak point. INFO Born and raised (32 years) in a community considered northern by NOSM (they have a Local NOSM group at the hospital I work at). Rurality Index for Ontario (RIO): 62 Undergrad 1: 2.7 cGPA Undergrad 2: 3.6 cGPA Overall GPA: 3.2 GPA Mature Student Medical Work Experience as an X-ray Tech: Approximately 3 years (8
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