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  1. While I don't usually advocate for this type of behaviour, I agree with @w8list, I would definitely call in sick!! Something similar happened to me before where I begged my boss to give me a day off to study for an exam, and he still wouldn't, so I called in sick. I felt really guilty at the time but ended up calling in b/c while my work being short staffed for one day would be annoying for them, that day will pass and they'll be OK at the end...but if I end up failing an exam worth 90% because I went to work that day, that has a much more permanent impact (aka gpa). I obv would nev
  2. Thank you everyone for your thoughts. I initially wrote this just to vent, but I feel much more validated now that I see others agree with me. For anyone who is in a similar situation as me reading this, please know you're not "too lazy" or just "didn't work hard enough" for not having lots of ECs (like I've been beating myself about tbh). There's only so many hours in one day and working 3-5 days a week while doing a full course load is not easy. I will try my best to word my employment experiences in a way which reflects what I have learned, and hope that it resonates with the reviewer
  3. I really hope this doesn't come across as attacking certain individuals, or people who have lots of volunteer experience, because thats 1000% not my intention. I guess this is just a vent post because I'm feeling very frustrated with the Canadian medical school system...Every time I see someone posting their ABS on these forums or **DELETED** who has mostly employment experience and less ecs, everyone is quick to suggest doing more volunteer work etc. While I know that people's intentions are in no way bad, it just gets me thinking about how f-ing privileged people have to be to be able to spe
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