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  1. No, I haven't been assigned a number through OAS either, and it sounds like we need the student number in order to make the CWL and email etc.
  2. Sorry, I can't help here. I only have it to the nearest minute.
  3. Yes exactly, because there is a cap on the OOP seats, UBC would have “skipped” some OOP applicants who are ranked highly but could not be offered seats in the first round of offers. Once OOP people declined their VFMP seats, this would open that seat up to whoever is most highly ranked, which could be a waitlisted OOP applicant rather than an applicant who has been accepted to their second or third choice sites. There are also people who may not have ranked all the sites (indicating that they would not attend one of the sites even if it was offered to them), so it’s also possible that
  4. Hi Fellow Waitlisters, I just got an offer to NMP, which wasn't my first choice but I am feeling incredibly grateful for the offer. Sending good vibes for your wait. They haven't updated the blog yet, so I hope there is still some good news on the way for others today as well.
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