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  1. Thank you for the reassuring information! I am doing a course-based master's so I don't have to worry about a defence! Good luck with completing your Master's and Congrats for getting an offer
  2. Thank you for your reply! I am on the waitlist so just in case I get off wanted to make sure I was safe. So as long as I finish my program before Sept I would be fine? I’m wondering why this is not on the website
  3. Hi Everyone! I was wondering if anyone can confirm the graduate student policy at Uottawa med? Up until now I also knew that ottawa didnt care if you completed your master's as long as you have your undergrad complete with the required courses. However, I am getting paranoid, so wanted to ask if anyone has directly asked admissions? I would finish my master's early august! Thanks
  4. Hi! Just created an account, could someone add my stats to the spreadsheet: GPA:3.99 wait list timestamp: 9:09:09. Thank you
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