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  1. Would there be interest in making some sort of group chat for those already admitted? Like on Facebook/ig etc
  2. Hey man. The deadline for the 1st wave of acceptances is June 15, so I would hold off till a little bit after that before you start to worry. They gotta see who accepted and who didn’t from the first wave before they can see how many spots are left for the next wave.
  3. Yeah, for some reason there isn’t an option for me under the tab. Anyone else having a similar issue? I haven’t accepted my offer yet, could that be why?
  4. So under your admission tab there’s something that says letter of admission then right?
  5. Yeah nothing under the tab but in application status it says I got in. Weird
  6. Huh seems like I don’t have that tab yet. Perhaps it just takes some time. Got the email saying it was uploaded earlier this morning but I guess not
  7. I got the email saying my official letter was uploaded to my SSC but I can’t find the official when I login for the life of me. What tab is it under on the ssc
  8. I got an email saying my letter was available on the SSC but I can’t find it for the life of me. Where exactly did you see it?
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