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  1. I think it depends. I would say a lot of the corporations are not always the highest quality of treatment and care either. If you do well with networking and genuinely care about your patients you can do pretty good for yourself owning a private clinic, but again it can vary. One clinic I worked at had close to 20 practitioners there (of various specializations) with many PT's specializing in pelvic health. This targeted a specific clientele whom continue to come back and refer people they know there too.
  2. Yes because I replied to their initial email telling me I was on the waitlist. They said they don't provide it but I'd seen people in this forum ask anyways and get informed of their spot.
  3. I emailed them asking about it. Earlier when I first got the waitlist email I had also asked about my placement as I figured even when I ask questions the worst they'll do is say they can't provide any info. I'm 2nd on the list so I've been super anxious since I hadn't heard anything. I've also seen multiple people say they're rejecting their offers but no waitlist movement and this time last year there was. When I emailed they told me that they sent out more offers than seats and that it is unlikely they will move through the waitlist much. I'm starting to look at other plans but holding out
  4. It sounds like the Queens OT class is full and they don't expect to contact anyone from the waitlist this year. They gave out more offers than seats and not enough people declined initial offers. Could still see some potential movement if people decline offers later in the summer
  5. Has anyone heard back from Queens OT waitlist? There has been a few people saying they've declined initial offers but I haven't seen any waitlist movement
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