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  1. Got accepted this afternoon! Can't wait to meet you all in August. I'm an OOP applicant. GPA was 3.9 on a 4.5 scale. LOI was very strong, and interview was very good, too.
  2. For those who have been accepted recently, congratulations! Can you please share with us how many seats have been filled already? Waiting and not knowing what is going on is nerve wrecking!
  3. Congratulations @paulski! May I ask if you are an OOP applicant? I am an OOP applicant, and so far it seems only IP applicants are receiving their letters (if accepted).
  4. Thank you for your reply @ac2025. My transcripts were received on May 21. I hope I hear back from them soon. I don't like waiting at all!!
  5. Congratulations @ac2025! May I ask if you an IP or OOP applicant? I am an OOP applicant, and I'm not sure if the university has started reviewing OOP applications.
  6. Congratulations VBryce. You must be very happy. May I ask when you did your interview? I did my interview on the 4th of June!
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