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  1. Hey everyone, I’m going through a midlife crisis rn. While I love my career as a hygienist, I feel as though it is repetitive and now I want to do dentistry as it offers more variety of procedures. I would like to get into UofA, however am open to other Canadian Dental Schools as I’m aware my GPA is not competitive enough to have the luxury of choosing between schools. I am hoping my dental experience would boost my application. Education: 4 years BioSci, UofA DH Degree GPA (overall): 3.578 GPA (worst year dropped): 3.612 DAT: writing Nov 2021 and future Experi
  2. Congrats guys, you did it! I’m interested in attempting applications for the 2021-2022 cycle (DDS 2026). With the UofA admission requirements changing (SJT, etc), how much is GPA weighed? I just want to know my chances if I do well on the other criteria, as my GPA isn’t very competitive (3.6 with the worst year dropped)
  3. hey guys, does anyone know the average GPA of accepted students at UBC Dentistry? I can’t find the admission stats and just want to gauge my chances (3.6). I’m from Alberta and also interested in applying to UofA Dent, however I believe their average accepted GPA up until 2021 is 3.8-4.0.
  4. Hey everyone, I’m planning to write the Nov 2021 (and future) DAT. For those of you who’ve written it, I was wondering if you have any recommendations for study materials? I have the 2012 (yes, 9 years old) Princeton Review book but don’t feel confident this would be enough. Thank you :)
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