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  1. Last year in-province rejections got sent out first (because I got one before other people got invites lol) it'll likely be in province followed by OOP
  2. MUN has just updated their website that the period between Friday October 29th - Wednesday December 15th applicants will be contacted regarding interview invitations. Seems we may be hearing back earlier than anticipated.
  3. Hello! Is there anyone who received an acceptance from MUN (either goes or just got accepted) who would be willing to help me prepare for the interview? I know that interview invites won't be sent out for over a month from now, but if I do receive an interview invitation (IP applicant) it will be my first med school interview and I want to be as prepared as possible! I am willing and happy to pay for these sessions, and I am super flexible with times! I'm likely looking to do interview preparation from November-January! Please send me a private message if you can help
  4. Hello! I was wondering if anyone who had been accepted to MUN would be willing to read over my essays (autobiographical section)?
  5. Does it look bad to indicate that my grades don't reflect me accurately? 1st year was really rough for me but I have had a strong upward trend, however I dont know if it would look bad to say that my grades don't reflect me. What do you guys think?
  6. If you are under the 3.7 cutoff but still apply and have a strong MCAT and strong application will they still just disregard the application?
  7. Thank you for your response it was very helpful and thank you for being so kind about it :) I'm about to retake my MCAT because my CARS score was pitiful last year, and my GPA is going to be just above an 80% (did not do well in 1st year but have had a great upwards trend) Thanks again for the feedback !
  8. Hello, everyone! I'm feeling particularly unmotivated today and I wanted to see what my chances look like, I'm sorry that this is so long but I'd appreciate any feedback!! cGPA: 3.4 MCAT: Took it in 2020 got 502, planning to retake and have been grinding my ass off to get 510 or higher ECs: - Started a club in 2nd year and have been President for 2.5 years now, coordinated the club to raise over $20,000 USD for COVID-19 relief in vulnerable, low-income communities (the organization that my club works with is sustainable and works year round with these organizations)
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