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  1. Is someone able to post the discord link again? The old one seemed to have expired. Thanks!
  2. @ZoraThe acceptance letter I got for pharmacy gives you 7 days to accept with a $1000 deposit
  3. Hey! Fellow UofA applicant here. I can only comment on the UofA program. I’ve been following the admission stats since ~2016. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone accepted with a GPA of lower than 3.7. That being said though, UofA admissions are changing this year to a more med school-style admission where life experience counts! I would say it would be worth it to apply this year to see what happens, as there is literally no precedent of what they will accept. I think you would need to have an amazing DAT score though. If it doesn’t work out this year, I would definitely go with the GPA
  4. IP Overall GPA: 3.82 Science GPA: 3.66 Highest credit weight GPA: 3.26 / 3.97 / 3.67 / 3.97 (avg. 3.72) Work experience: - 8 years as an optometric assistant - 1 year as a research assistant in a science psychology lab Volunteer experience: - Founded and led a student group (focusing on public health education, volunteerism, and fundraising for charity) for 2 years, general member for 1 year - 7 years with a local theatre festival - 11 years of community service, international humanitarian projects, and leadership roles with Rotary Interna
  5. @SamAlfra Thank you! I'm IP. I can't be too sure but I think the difference maker may be that the last time I took a university course was in 2018, so they already had all the materials they needed to make a decision before the transcript deadline. When did all your transcripts arrive? Don't worry too much!! Transcript deadline is June 15 so it'd be silly of them to make too many decisions before getting the full picture for all applicants. @VBryce is your IP/OOP status and transcript situation similar to mine at all? Are you willing to share your stats/work & volunteer experie
  6. Congrats @VBryce! Looking forward to meeting you in September For other's reference: I did my interview on June 3, and got an offer on June 8.
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