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  1. My application status updated to “withdrawn” today and that is very confusing. And figures I can’t get ahold of anyone in the department today! Maybe this means I have to apply next year or my position on the waitlist is being evaluated?
  2. Congrats!!! Obviously you showed them why you deserve to be there and how marks ultimately aren’t everything, especially in this profession. I didn’t prep much for the CASPer and I think that was my downfall because I type like a snail. I’m just assuming this after finding out my admissions average (I asked the secretary). So if you nailed that, the interview and at least met the minimum grade average, I’m sure you killed it in their eyes!
  3. By any chance, does anyone know the stats from last years waitlist? Just curious to see how much of an impact the pandemic made. I have a feeling since restrictions are being cut down, this years waitlist may not see much movement, sadly.
  4. I totally get that feeling! I really hope people can make their decisions promptly once they receive their response. This way we can find out sooner than later where we stand.
  5. Yeah I also found out that way. However, I did receive an email at like 1am saying a decision was made and to long into my account. So I’d check there if you’re still waiting for a response.
  6. Weird they wouldn’t release all the results at once
  7. So it turns out waitlisted spots could be moved to offers before June 30th. If you’re reading this and plan to go to a different university (or whatever your circumstances maybe), make sure to respond ASAP. I know that this may also be a tough choice if you’re also deciding between multiple schools.
  8. What’s crazy is that it looks like the decision was made on Monday and the letter was dated for the 22nd. Life is playing a fun game of “teach them patients”. I emailed one of the people from the department because I found the part where it states that applicants given an offer have to respond by the 30th but they won’t provide a response to waitlisted students for two weeks following that date. So I’m curious if they haven’t ranked people on the waitlist quite yet.
  9. Looks like their making their decisions. I just got waitlisted
  10. Really wish they would have given us a set day of when to expect a decision. I feel like I’m back in my undergrad checking my email constantly as I await my final marks lol.
  11. I also think most schools have notified their students. So hopefully this will at least be beneficial to the wait listed students because many people will have their minds by the time they get an offer from USASK.
  12. Hopefully. But from what I read last year, they all got notified June 29th. And when I emailed someone from admissions a few weeks ago, she said to expect to hear back early July.
  13. Oh that does not sound like a good time! But I don’t think they’re looking for correct grammar and spelling (even though that does help to get the point across better, obviously lol).
  14. I think they also accept point form, so maybe that’s why they said that you don’t need to be fast on the keyboard. But I personally can’t get my point across in a couple words. That’s a pretty great typing speed though! I’m sure they were better thank you think. Those situations are given to have so many different perspectives, so don’t beat yourself up if you missed a couple points. My “shift” key was broken when I wrote it, so I really feel bad for whoever had to interpret my scrabbled thoughts lol. I suspect we also got different questions for the interview portion. I felt the same way.
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