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  1. Punished as in not getting raises, bonuses and vacation that kinda thing. Not issues with the college. I did have to use PLP a lot, because I know I'm not protected and the program side with the clients 100%. Situation varies, like denying people who don't qualify the income requirement, denying people jumping queue, asking for proper instruments to use, getting consent from only one of the parents, not remembering social worker's name, wanting to refer, wanting to not see 20 people a day, saying the word gingivitis and client get traumatized......the list goes on, it's almost funny thin
  2. Don't stress too much, and manage debt. When I was in school, OMG 10+ years ago, I worried too. I come from immigrant family with zero dental background, and some of my classmates' family had been going to that same dental school for 4 generations.......Life is definitely easier for them then for me, but it's not too bad. I used to read up on how much money to be made and percentage and hours, all those things. But the thing about dentistry is that it's so flexible. I used to work 6.5 days a week in the GTA, for probably 160K. Now I do 3.5 day in a rural area for similar money and a
  3. I worked in public health (see my name, lol). Dentist in public health is just a job, you do not really help the under privileged. You report to your manager who through chain of command, ultimately report to city counselors and MPs. So it's really more of a political game, or a show if you will. I did it for the location, benefit and job security. Early on I thought I was there to help people too, but I was punished severely, so were many of my colleagues. Some were even taken to court.....and the managers have no problem throwing you under the bus. And then there is the client is
  4. There is no way to know really. Places that have a lot of turn over are bad, but how would you know that... Do working interviews. It goes both ways, you interview the staff as well.
  5. It's really not that hard, but figure out early what you like. Are you good with your hands, do you like surgery, etc, that kind of stuff, then you can choose specialty wisely.
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