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  1. yes of course, I am a BC resident and I attended SFU, hence; why i have mentioned that my grades are what I have been able to figure out (which i do believe is accurate) since SFU only provides letter grades (no percentages) I did email the pharmacy faculty and the responded letting me know that the median average combined percentage is usually 80% so my guess would be 75% is like a cut off, but the closer to 80% the better.
  2. yes thats what i have thought the higher the better (much easier said then done) Thanks for being so helpful Any idea of what the cut off percentage is such that the 70-71% did not get an interview, they said it does not meet the faculties competitive standard they have set?
  3. seems like anything below 75% is not going to get you an interview at the minimum you need 75% since my first year prereqs are poor I have to go back and retake them and increase them, my question would be that in the admission page the say they look at "all attempts" how would the work exactly? (if anyone would have information on that) also thanks for replying nice to see that there may be a slight chance however little
  4. Hey guys, i applied but was told i did not meet the competitive standard My combined GPA was around 71% mainly because i did poorly in my first year prereqs. I really do want to be a part of the PharmD program at UBC so I have been trying to find a way to better my GPA so I could get an interview, I'm looking to see if i can retake some 1st year prereq classes to better my GPA, was wondering if I could get any advice or tips from some of you it would be very appreciated my last 30 credits I believe is around 76% and my 1 year is like 65% probably (SFU student so i had to figure these out mys
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