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  1. @QuestionsAbound Could you clarify what a reasonable range to expect total hourly (or shift) for a CCFP (without EM designation) working an emergency shift would be? Is this a different amount than people who have CCFP-EM and FRCPC? What about overhead?
  2. Thanks for the answers! @skyuppercutt I definitely agree that the intra-specialty differences are really not represented well by the average numbers available through Carms. But I do hesitate to assume that I will find a FP job more cushy than an ER job (maybe others will disagree), since somtimes waiting around / following up on long term cases could be more difficult than being constantly 'on' in a more hectic setting. @stayblessed Could you please elaborate on the last part, about GIM having higher billing codes than FM hospitalists? My understanding is for the ER there can be dif
  3. Primary care is one of my interests, but the huge variability in pay within it is confusing, and also definitely a factor in choosing FM vs IM vs ER. For example, I have read on this forum that: ER shifts can pay $3k for a 8 hr shift - $375 per hour Hospitalist work - $160 / hour? For clinic work, there are tonnes of postings on locums.ca that pay $900 for an 8 hour shift - $110 per hour Yes, there is variability in number of patients/procedures, but for what might be considered "somewhat similar" work, a 3x pay difference is massive. Could an
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