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  1. We just got an email regarding our timetables! And stuff about Webex meetings
  2. I had a friend who applied with an 86 average and got rejected as an IP (not even waitlist). He screwed up on the CASPer test pretty badly (not sure how he did on the interview). Lots of people dismiss the CASPer test as something they don't have to prepare for. Friend's biggest issue was going blank when it was time to type out the answers and then overthinking the answers he was typing and then not getting much written down. People should aim for a bare minimum 60 WPM but 80-100 WPM is probably better. Imo, there is no time to overthink for CASPer. I wrote down everything that came to m
  3. I have the same average as you and got waitlisted SADGE... Also, what makes you so sure that you screwed up the CASPer test? We never know how we performed on the CASPer. Did you leave questions blank or ran out of time? For the ethical dilemma scenarios, I tried to discuss both sides but there's only so much you can type in 5 mins lol
  4. So I emailed the admissions and apparently, the applicants will be notified either by the end of this week or early next week. I'm also checking my email everyday for some news lol
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