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  1. anyone still have an idea of how many seats are left? Who else is waiting to hear back?
  2. yeh but its still scary because each day you are waiting to see if you are one of the ones who made it or not, and the seats are getting filled up.
  3. still going through but there should be a list of how many available seats in BearTracks.
  4. I heard nothing but good stuff about Usask as they are cheaper and its in a university town. The pharmacy program is basically called a phamily. You can check out the pre-pharmacy club at usask to get pointers about what actual people think about pharmacy. **DELETED** posts help too. Good luck and congrats!! I have friends who went through only usask and they liked it.
  5. can someone check their beartracks? How many seats left? This is sooo nerve wrecking... some of my friends got rejected and others got accepted.
  6. Hey can people from out of province please pm me the averages they got in with. We all compete for 1 spot out of 14 so my friends and I just wanna know the averages they got in with. They did mention that if you have a low average you can still go up with a good interview and casper.
  7. i talked to them they said if i get accepted to another program at ualberta.. tuition can be transferred over
  8. I meant for another program.. like if you got accepted for something else other than pharmacy?
  9. Hey do you guys know if you can delay your accept/decline for other offers? I applied into pharmacy and I am waiting for the results but my back up plan was to do food science. I have until June 28th to accept it and I have to pay $500 non refundable tuition fee. Is there any way I can delay it until I get accepted or declined for pharmacy because they make decisions till August? Anyone else in the same boat?
  10. Are rejections given first and then acceptances? Some of my friends got accepted and others got rejected.
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