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  1. Is it usually student or preceptor? Are these matters discussed with preceptor... I had a friend who had to pay for the cost of case report she published.. and I just don't know how publishing works - and was wondering who pays publication costs?
  2. Yes, but some schools have better policies and I am wondering what are those schools.
  3. That's very true. Regardless, it seems that this person was dismissed due to unprofessional conduct, which was probably not related to her clinical skills.
  4. I looked up that person on google and it seemed that they had very strong CV - several publications/research. I wonder what happened that led to that. It seems like an unfortunate story.
  5. If you make a mistake as a new resident - is that a reason to be fired? What are reasons for residents to be fired or be on probation? Thank you!
  6. Right now I am considering few specialties in CaRMS, but I was wondering what if person makes the wrong choice. What options do they have? Do they just quite their medical career? Transfer? Re-do another residency? What options do they have?
  7. What is the average remuneration for a paediatric and adult rheumatologist.
  8. I am second year medical student and I'm quite interested in dermatology. However, I have no prior grad degrees or research ( which is something that is sought after in dermatology) What options does one have if they don't match to dermatology when they are set on it? Matching to dermatology is quite competitive and there were few people from our school who were interested in it last year ( at least 6 individuals- and only one matched). I also know it is quite difficult to get interviews, and even out of those who get interviews only 44% got accepted based on last CaRMS stats.
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