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  1. Word of mouth! For FM- avoid Calgary (Chill program and the recent PD is nice and tries her best, however, there are structural issues beyond her ability to change/some clinicians and preceptors have been in their positions for 30+yrs and are unwilling to change their ways of teaching and interacting with residents; I have been personally lucky so far and I had no problems with preceptors but my roommate ( an R2) and several other residents had +++conflict with their preceptor and program did not listen to their concerns). Plus, Calgary FM program has had traditionally hard time filling
  2. I am not sure honestly- I just know that preceptors/ PD know that several residents dislike FM and they would leave if given any choice. Maybe when these residents leave the program,they are left with additional funding ?? I don't know. Or maybe they feel bad for applicants who go unmatched several times and rank them with the hopes that they may change their mind and stay in FM. Or perhaps FM end up ranking these applicants to decrease the number of unmatched applicants... I don't know. I honestly don't know much about derm - all I know it is based on your "fit". So if they not like you
  3. No, they are trying to leave or transfer to any surgical specialty whenever it is an option for them. There are 3 ex-plastic surgery gunners from across Cda in my FM program. Two of them are looking for better opportunities that suits their interests - the other one has given up on medicine and no longer cares about anything ( including FM). PD/administrators/ preceptors are well aware that these people never intended to be in FM - but they are trying to fill their programs with any applicants.
  4. Sorry - I understand what you are saying. I meant saying FM is the most common back up specialty out of all the other specialties ( it is not necessarily a bad thing as FM can be quite flexile and you can create your own niche).. plus, FM tends to be very easy to get into. I personally got into FM ( my first choice location) with absolutely no electives, no interest and CV that definitely showed it was not my first or even second choice specialty. I applied to FM because I was scared of not matching and I thought that I may grow to like it. I only did my core rotation in it and did not reall
  5. FM is the back up for majority of people. I dont think there is any other specialty that has so many back up applicants as FM.
  6. Overall, that's a large number of people entering FM when it was not their first choice... It's probably even higher in my program. Around 40% of people in my program entered FM as their second choice.
  7. I go to FM program in Alberta and I believe almost 50% of my colleagues did not have FM as their first choice when going through CaRMS ( the majority applied to anesth, EM, plastics, psych, derm, peds as their first choice specialty - but did not get their first choice and they end up in FM- the majority of them are not completely happy with their specialty choice). Are most FM programs in other locations alsofilled with people who did not get their first choice specialty or is that only the case in my program ( my FM program is known to be one of the weaker programs in country and they usual
  8. What is YOG? I had no redflags- I applied to Anesthesia and ENT and had interviews but did not match to either and I am looking for options to do the training that I enjoy in either field, instead of being stuck in a career that I don't really love for the next 40 years.
  9. CMG but went to a three year medical school. I feel like i want to specialize and not be a generalist.
  10. In the last CaRMS cycle, I was interested in Anesthesiology and Family medicine, and ultimately matched to my back up speciality in family medicine. Currently I am a new R1 in FM and I and I was wondering what options are available to switch my residency position perhaps to internal medicine? I wish I have explored other alternatives, such as IM with a fellowship in pain medicine whilst in medical school. I wrote my USMLEs and scored 240 and 255 on both USMLE 1 and 2 respectively. I'm currently considering the possibility of switching residency to IM in Canada or perhaps going through the
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