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  1. I know this is late but if anyone is still interested in discussing apps or interview prep I would be very happy to be a part of that. Thanks
  2. Thank you! I'm 24 right now and was told my EC's are above average by a few students but I know its all subjective. I'll just let it play out.
  3. Thank you. I dont know how good my EC's are honestly, but i'm happy to share if that will give an idea of where I stand.
  4. I just got my results back and It’s 127/125/125/129 506. I only applied to Calgary with a 3.81 GPA as an IP applicant. I know my CARS is low and I don’t even want to put them through the stress of looking over my application if I’m going to get an R anyways. Is it worth waiting or is it a better idea to just withdraw? thank you.
  5. I would start by calculating your GPA for the province where you have in province bias, and then for other schools. Every school weighs these differently. You have good EC's.
  6. Hi, I have a quick question, I was dumb and enrolled in my course in June, but didnt complete it till into the winter semester, and it transferred to UCalgary (i was an undergrad) for the winter semester, does it still not count as a winter grade for the university? Thanks.
  7. Excited to apply this year! I guess i'll share the story AFTER an acceptance
  8. I only qualify to Apply for CALGARY as an IP and its definitely my first choice, but i'm hoping to expand my horizons a bit before looking at Australia/Ireland/USDO. Thanks for your advice.
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