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  1. Scenario 6 Circumcision is a popular practice in many parts of the world, often for cultural reasons. Current research shows that the benefits of circumcision do not outweigh the risks of the procedure. Imagine you were an individual whose religion dictates circumcision. Would a government outlawing circumcision be considered religious discrimination against you? If one parent would like their son to be circumcised, while the other parent doesn't, how should this conflict be resolved? Female genital mutilation, also known as "Female Circumcision", is an outlawed practi
  2. Scenario 5 Healthcare professionals working in university-affiliated hospitals often have to act as teachers to professional school students such as nursing students, medical students, physiotherapy students etc. Without having proper training in education, it's sometimes very difficult for healthcare professionals to implement good teaching strategies. Should healthcare professionals who are excellent in their clinical work, but not in their teaching, be laid off from these hospitals? What teaching strategies do you think will be effective in such hospitals
  3. Scenario 4 You are working part-time in a sports equipment store. In the last month, some money from the register has started to go missing. Your boss accuses you of stealing the money. You are innocent. 1. How do you manage the sudden change in your working relationship with your boss? 2. Your boss decides to decrease your payment to compensate for what he thinks you stole. How would you manage the situation? 3. Suppose you know that it was a coworker of yours that stole the money. The friend is in a difficult financial situation, and while you don't condone what they did
  4. Scenario 3 While walking to your class on campus, you have just realized that you have forgotten your chemistry textbook in the library. When you go back to get it, the person who you were sitting next to has the exact same book as you in their bag. You can't see your textbook anywhere. 1. How would you approach the situation? 2. Let's say that the person does admit to stealing your textbook, and their reasoning is that they couldn't afford to buy one on their own. Would you let them borrow it? 3. Why do individuals resort to stealing?
  5. Scenario 2 Dave is riding on the subway when he suddenly notices a man talking to himself in distress. The man appears as though he is talking to someone who is not there. Dave's friend, Rachel, tells him not to approach the man because he "is probably crazy."1. What should Dave do in this situation?2. Should Dave stop being friends with Rachel after her comment?3. Should Dave react differently if the man appears violent?
  6. Scenario 1 You have just discovered someone selling a test bank for your calculus class on Kijiji. You are struggling in this class, and so this can potentially really help your grade.1. Would you purchase the test bank?2. Would you report the seller if their identity is not anonymous?3. If you were one A+ from meeting the GPA requirement to maintain a scholarship that you desperately need, would this change your answer?
  7. Hi PreMed101! With the permission of the moderators (thank you @W0lfgang!) we want to introduce PrepMatch.com, the first peer-to-peer CASPer preparation platform and it’s completely free! We are a non-profit partnered with organizations such as the Student Doctor Network to make admissions more equitable. Through PrepMatch, you can try out hundreds of scenarios and get feedback from peers. We started this thread in order to share various scenarios, on a weekly basis, from our database to get you into the CASPer-thinking mindset! If there is sufficient interests, the moderators
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