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  1. Result (Reject/Invite): Invite GPA: 4.0/4.3 MCAT: 514 Casper: 3rd Geography (NL/NB/PEI/NS/OOP): NB
  2. Hi all, Just trying to get a sense of what this year's application pool is like! Result (Reject/Invite): GPA: MCAT: Casper: Geography (NL/NB/PEI/NS/OOP):
  3. Hi everyone, I am planning on taking the MCAT at the end of July. As of right now, my CARS section does not look too strong (I am expecting ~124 based on my AAMC Fl average). Does anyone know of any NB applicants that have been accepted into MUN with such low CARS score? And would such low CARS score be a deal breaker if other sections are 129+? Thanks in advance!
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