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  1. Hey! I wanted to let you guys know about an MMI prep group a few of us have started. We meet twice a week on Kumospace and have stations to mimic the MMI format. Meeting times are Sunday at 11am EST and Friday at 9:45pm EST. We also have a Google doc where we pool questions based on category (policy, LGBTQ+ health, etc.) If you’re interested in joining, DM me so I can add you to the Facebook group chat!
  2. Hey! Yup. No Snapchot needed. Casper is at 6AST (5EST). Good luck! I sure as hell will need it :’)
  3. Personally, I don't think we should be gatekeeping medical school for those people. They're just trying to do their best like you or I. I highly sympathize with people from Ontario, where acceptance is highly competitive. Also, I've had 3 family members and friends graduate from Dal Med, only one of em stayed here for residency. There's absolutely no guarantee that someone with a Maritime connection will stay to practice here, there are too many factors at play. Life happens. Plans change.
  4. I'm looking for 4-6 people who can practice CASPer answers together. We would take turns discussing the question, our answers, and providing feedback. Let me know if you're interested
  5. Do you know if I'm allowed to? I would totally share them but I don't want to get an academic violation or something lmao
  6. Hi folks, Is the 1700 character limit is for all questions combined or is it for each question? TIA
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