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  1. I've recently been thinking about medical oncology as a career choice. However I know little about the reality of the practice, and resources online have been scarce. If anyone here is in or is familiar with the field, I'd really appreciate it if you could answer some of my questions. 1) What's the practice actually like, in academic VS community centers? Is it just clinics? How much inpatient responsibility is there? What is your call schedule and lifestyle like? Do you get the opportunity to still practice some GIM on the side if you're so inclined? 2) Do medical oncologists all su
  2. Hi @ACHQ, thank you for this wonderful informative thread. I'm a med student considering going into IM, specifically GIM. I have a few questions as well as thoughts I'd like to hear your opinion on. I apologize in advance for the long post, but I really appreciate your help and look forward to your reply. 1. One of the things that attracts me the most about GIM is the career flexibility. I'm planning on dedicating all my time to medicine for the next decade to train well and to make a good amount of money in my first few years of practice. After that however, I do plan on focusing on buil
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