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  1. I'm I the only one that believes it makes complete sense to wait a few years before getting a covid vaccine ? With all the variants I hate to feel as a guinea pig. I'm smart enough to understand the science and arguments from both sides so no bashing! What do you guys think?
  2. Kind of racist but I'm with you on this. Don't want to work as a slave for no money.
  3. If she's new in town pay her a guided tour of the U and the surroundings. PM me if interested, I've done it plenty of times for new students.
  4. Your salary figures are from 20 years ago! My dad went into engineering and makes way more money that he can spend (granted he's cheap as F$$K). An electrician will make 100K$ a year and those people aren't the brightest. I'm just saying med school is no way to get rich. Try law.
  5. I'm enjoying every bit of my youth. Meeting new people, having affairs without consequences with girls more open than ever what more could we wish for. When my dad sees my dates his jaw drops, from what he says girls did not dress like that back in his days. At least he's a good sports and lends me his car (Porshe 911) when I need it.
  6. The Good Doctor for sure! House MD is a great show. Don't tell me you never met a doctor with the House complex LOL
  7. If it helps you meet someone then for god sake use it! You can meet a lot of nurses at the hospital too. I myself would not mention that in a dating profile but I do put a picture of me in from of a nice car It really does help.
  8. In my opinion salaries are not high at all if you consider all the years required to become an MD and the sacrifices involved. I don't see doctor's paychecks decreasing any time soon. The stats show that more women are entering in the medical field but I'm not ready to say this is the reason for a potential decrease in salaries. For my part, I'm still planning on becoming a doctor but if money is what you are looking for then look elsewhere. My dad got his studies in engineering paid by the army and now makes a shit load of money with way less commitment to his studies.
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