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  1. Will there be a boost for your masters at U of T, and if so, how much?
  2. This is really interesting. Can someone graduating from a DDS (doctor of dental surgery) program in Canada also do consulting after graduation?
  3. Where did you hear that DAT is 15% and GPA is 60-65%? I read some old posts where it was 60% GPA, 30% Interview and 10% DAT, but that was a long time ago when UofT posted the weight of each component. Now, UofT doesn't reveal this information, so I'm wondering where you got this from? Additionally, since you seem to know the weighting, I'd like to ask how much you think essays and casper might be worth? Are they likely to be simply used as cutoffs and to search for red-flags? Or, will they actually have a smaller percentage weighting in the admissions process?
  4. Hi, I have a 3.97/4.00 GPA, 21 AA and 20 PAT. I feel like my cDAT score is too low, but im not sure if my gpa can compensate for my low DAT. The DAT scores seem to be increasing each year so im super nervous
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