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  1. You just gave me a bit of hope as my trend has been solely upward. But that's IF I get the interview. I'm realizing people matriculating in 75-79% range have been dwindling. Depending on how I do these next few months my 80% avg could fall under.
  2. Thanks, big help. My adjusted/weighted is only about 3.6 (still not stellar), so I plan to take a few more courses to try and edge a 3.7.
  3. Hi peeps from Alberta, BC person lurking (looking into my options). I noticed that compared to UBC applicants the GPA is lower (good news for me lol). Are you lot using a canadian 4.33 system for GPA? (For example, what would someone posting a 3.4 GPA be as a percentage at UBC be?)
  4. Dang, my heart sank again haha….most of the Langara courses have UBC equivalents. I’m sure I’m not the only one that this has affected. Really blows that my 2008 courses affect the drive I have now. Although I guess theres other schools that have the 10 year rule and look at the last two semesters or years.
  5. But wait, wouldn’t that be a moot point? Since I’d have to send in ALL transcripts from other institutions anyway?
  6. Ouch, that sucks because my worst years were taking like 1 or two classes a sem for two years at Langara, Im assuming they wouldn’t drop all those… When I look at my SSB there is something that says 60 credits granted towards my BMus which is why I thought I was in the clear.
  7. Long story short, graduated highschool 2008, no direction, loved biology, loved science, but thought I was too dumb 2008-2013 ish, I was on and off at Langara, had some crap marks spread over two years, but was on an upward trend. Some background of science and psych/socia 2014 - 2017 - Switched to Music Diploma, Grades were great 2019-2021 Finishing my BMUS soon. Took Macro Anatomy over the summer, didn’t do great (needed it for Nursing) but still did better than I expected . But present day, my fascination for medicine has sparked up again. I always thought I was too dumb, eve
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