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  1. Years ago I took 1 full time year (10 courses) of a degree. I did very poorly and dropped out. Now 8 years later, 2 years into doing a new degree at a different school I am getting a 4.0. Could I use the drop 2 course rule to drop my two lowest marks from my previous program? How much does UofT care about my old program and will they even know about it if I do not submit a transcript for it?
  2. 8 Years ago I went to university full time for a year, got pretty bad grades (including 1 failed class). Now I just finished my second year of undergrad a second time with a perfect 4.0 so far. Out of the Med Schools around me (Western, McMaster, uoft) how would they all look at this. Would they even require / know about this year? I know Western takes your best 2 years which would give me a shot, but how about the other two schools? Would they take those courses into the equation? Unfortunately even if I continue a perfect 4.0 throughout all 4 years I will be stuck with a 3.5 -
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