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  1. @shikimate wow thanks for the link. it is incredibly helpful!
  2. hope youre feeling better now, if not you always join wallstreetbets and try to double your line of credit
  3. TLDR: dude name Kieran in 2nd year MD had a 5 min 29 second back and forth on Microaggression and if only minories can experience it since it was the lady's slide. She got tripped up so the assistant dean came to take over answering. A third doc thought K dawg was too "aggressive" and displayed "characteristics unbecoming of a medical student" and reported him...she then asked the 2nd year to get a psych eval, he declined, she proceeded to call a council meeting and got him suspended...at first. A month later the council claimed k dawg made threats on his social media platform (which the
  4. Are you sure? I know a nurse doing that who's not in the military, might be different for them tho
  5. Super super excited to be off the WL. Got email a few days ago : ) Wish you all the best of luck !
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