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  1. I'm researching ePortfolio usage among surgical residents across the world (as part of a thesis project). And following are questions which some of you may have insight on.The topic is "Application of Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) in Digital Portfolios"...But any insight on this narrow topic is highly appreciated (like if a question below is totally invalid!!): How much would you say the below mentioned points are pain-points for surgical eportfolio usage? What may be the cause of portfolios being viewed as ‘thick-box’ exercises rather than an educational tool? Manual, tim
  2. Good morning to all! I'm studying software and apps for Competence Based Medical Education and case logging across the world for my thesis (I'm a business student based in Netherlands). Is logging operative logs mandatory in Canada as it is by ACGME in United States? I could not see if the RCPSC is requiring this. Also, I can see that the college is promoting now a system called Mainport for creating a digital portfolio of learning experiences. How much has this been accepted? What is the link between the digital portfolio for CBME (or Competence by Design) and case logging? Sho
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