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  1. Choose a major that genuinely interests you. Of course, each medical school admissions have specific prerequisites requirements, so make sure you take those accordingly. However, you'll get the best GPA when you're studying something you're passionate/motivated about. Trust me, I learned the hard way! I wouldn't say there's "easier" majors because it depends on your motivation for learning, and that motivation stems from genuinely caring about the topics, whether that's biology, history, chemistry, music, literature, psychology, engineering, etc. Good luck!
  2. Thank you! I completely missed this detail haha. Cheers
  3. Hi everyone, Hope everyone had a smooth Casper testing experience! I realized there's a "snapshot" component on the Atlus Suite. A 10 minute one-way video interview, but is this required to be completed? They provided a recommended deadline of October 27 7:15 pm. I'm applying to McGill, so not sure if they require this component of the Casper? Thank you
  4. Hi everyone! I recently joined a program that offers free tutoring for high school students (affiliated with the university). I only started a month ago, and I'm wondering if this is worth adding onto my CV? It's a great experience so far, but not sure if it's too "early on" to be added onto my CV. Literally only have about 10 hours clocked in so far. Thanks in advance
  5. As everyone said here, I wouldn't modify the CV format to be on the safe side. Goodluck!
  6. I thought the same thing as I been working for 6+ years after undergrad. So this job has a good chance of being contacted by McGill. I can relate because I was nervous bringing it up to my manager. Turns out, she was super supportive and really encouraging about applying to McGill (she even had dreams to apply to med but her circumstances didn't allow it). It's awkward at first, but I feel like a weight lifted off my shoulders just by being straight up about my ambitions. Not saying that every boss would have the same reaction, but I was glad I did it. Feel free to DM if you need to chat. Good
  7. Hi jashering, That's awesome! Good luck with the application. And thank you for the reassurance. Hoping I get an interview this cycle! Yes, I wrote the Casper during the 2017/2018 cycle. It went well, and I'm hoping it goes well again this year
  8. Thanks for the reassurance! Great point on IP QC med tuition. One of the reasons why I'm grateful to be a QC resident. At work, I speak both English and French, however my French is intermediate level and I doubt I can do med entirely in French. I know McGill does require some working level French, which is fine in my case. Sorry to hear that you had to struggle at a French med school. If you don't mind me asking, do they offer language training at the university? How was your experience so far?
  9. Great point! Luckily, I got a supportive partner, family and friends. There is definitely an opportunity cost (time, building a family, money, career development, etc). Thanks for the encouraging words. Wow, 56! I have lots of respect for that. Shows that no matter the age, it's never truly too late to go for it.
  10. Well said! This is my second time doing the Casper (scored well first time judging on applicant ranking). I didn't over do it on the prepping. Read, did a few prac tests, and honestly answered it to what I think was natural. Like you said, not "robotic" Worked for me.
  11. Thanks, Vons! Glad to hear it worked out for you as well! Got a bit of my motivation back ;)
  12. Hi all, Any older (30+) applicants here can offer some emotional support hah My dream has always been to attend McGill med school. I'm applying for the Fall 2022 admission, and as I complete my CV, workbook, and prep for the casper, I question my initial confidence. I reflect on my past experiences, and ask myself, am I too old for this? It's become so competitive that I feel like that all of this effort will lead to a disappointing and inevitable rejection. That rejection does take a toll, and it won't be fun to go through that all over again. I say this because I know the feeling. Was
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