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  1. HI!! I had a question for you if you don't mind. I've been looking all over the forums for a person who knows a thing or two about applying to physio. I am planning to apply to mcgill physio in 2022. Do you know if i need to provide a french proficiency test in my application? Something like the TFI? Or can I apply to mcgill physio without a french proficiency proof? Thank you!!
  2. Hi Everyone!! So I had a couple of questions if anyone could answer it would be highly appreciated! 1) Right now I am in my last semester of CEGEP (I did my CEGEP in 4 semesters, however i started during the winter semester). Obviously I want to apply to med-p and dent-p at mcgill. However, in order to do so that would mean that i would have to wait for a semester (since I am finishing my cegep in the fall). Would i still be applicable to applying for mcgill's med-p and dent-p after staying for a gap semester (not doing any studies)? 2) At the moment i have an r-score of 35.2 wh
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