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  1. I was in the same situation and emailed admissions office - they said to only add an EC letter if it pertains to your basis of admission degree
  2. Anyone else in a situation where they have several publications? How many did you choose to add to the CV, and how did you choose which ones? I have many publications, including 8 first author. I am thinking of choosing 5 total, and trying to show diversity in the subject matter/types of research. Would be happy to know what others have done!
  3. I know we're not supposed to change the CV margins in the word doc, but are we allowed to change the sizing of the different columns within each section? It gives me more space if I make some columns smaller than others..
  4. I'm going through the same thing. I'm thinking of being straight-up with my boss, explaining that it's a highly competitive process and a long-shot that I'd actually get in, and ask them to be a verifier on that basis. I know my boss will be happy to do it, but I do feel awkward asking.
  5. So trying to answer all questions is a better strategy than giving detailed answers to the first two questions?
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