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  1. To anyone who applied to OT successfully last year... how did you go about picking your references? Would it be beneficial to have someone from health care or a volunteer coordinator? Or, could it be more beneficial to use someone else (like a prof) if they can offer a more personal reference because they have known me for longer? Maybe there is no right/wrong here, but I thought I'd reach out and see what others think. Thanks in advance and good luck to everyone applying this year!
  2. After seeing something similar for previous years, I thought I'd create a thread for anyone applying to OT for fall 2022. Good luck with applications, everyone! First time applying? Undergrad: Schools applied to / planning on applying to: GPA: Volunteer/work/any other relevant experience: Questions for anyone else/concerns/etc:
  3. I am in a similar situation! I'll graduate with a BA at the end of this year, and plan on applying to OT programs to hopefully begin fall 2022. With covid, finding places to volunteer has been tricky! Have you had any luck? My gpa is 3.9, but I don't have a science background. Some programs specify that they don't give preference to specific majors, so I'm not too worried about that but am wondering if it will increase my workload once in an OT program. Has anyone here gone into an MSc in OT program without a background in science?
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