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  1. Ya I literally cannot see it not having an effect. I don't know what schools will do now tbh. Maybe increase the weight of the MCAT and ECs to create a larger barrier of entry. If I can't get in this year with matriculant averages basically at 4.0s. Canada may not be an option lol. If there is not a strong effect this year I wont be surprised if the GPA average starts increasing with each year of online schooling.
  2. Ya same with mines. I took the average of my class averages and it was a 3.3 which higher than the usual 2.7-3.0. I wont be suprised if the average matriculant GPA goes up by 0.1
  3. I wont be surprised to see an overall spike in GPA of the matriculants this year. Hopefully the inflation is not as bad as what people say. What do you guys think?
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