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  1. Hey thanks for replying! Sorry I’m just seeing this now. Thanks for such a kind and uplifting reply :) I’m wishing you the best of luck! I’ll be rooting for you to get an interview this cycle!!
  2. Hi All, First, thank you for taking the time to read my post I'm feeling at a loss with the Canadian medical school system and I told myself that I would consider USDO after my second application cycle to Canadian MD. I'm wondering what my chances are at USDO or if I should just throw my hat in at this point. Stats are below (DISCLAIMER: I know my cGPA is trash): 1st year: 2.69 2nd year: 2.36 3rd year: 3.46 4th year: 3.97 5th year: 3.97 All GPA calculations have been AMCAS adjusted. I'm completing a thesis based MSc which I know means nothing to the US. My E
  3. Thanks for replying I did apply to queens this year. I know I just have to wait but I always like to try to rip the bandaid off as early as possible if you get what I mean hahaha. But thank you for your advice!
  4. Hey all :) grad applicant here. I’ve never posted on any forum before so here goes nothing. Feeling super discouraged after getting back my mcat score and don’t know what to do. I think I need Jesus? I obviously already applied to queens since omsas closed the 1st, but I got my mcat score back today and I am worried I’m now out of the running for queens. I know it’s a black box but I have no one else in my life to talk about this with, so I’m coming to you, kind internet people. Please advise. Stats are below: 2Y GPA: 3.95 (significant upward trend and low cGPA) mcat:
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