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  1. Okay I guess, it's always best to do a fellowship in the subspecialty you prefer the most, and just hope that you find a specific job eventually. General rads seems to be the most prevalent field in Canada. Again thanks for all the info, I really appreciate it.
  2. Thanks for the detailed reply, it is vey helpful for someone who isn't accustomed to the Canadian radiology scene. I tried reaching out to a couple groups a few months ago to see what sort of subspecialty they would be looking to hire by the time I graduate, but neither group was certain about the future (which is understandable). Most of the jobs posted in BC are either general or something too specific such as cardiothoracic imaging. I guess I can reach out again before I apply for fellowship to see if they have any better insight. I don't really mind doing a two year neuro fellow
  3. I'm a Canadian who studied abroad and matched Diagnostic Radiology in the US (currently R1). At my program, the neuroradiologist will read everything related to the brain, neck, spine etc. and take shared evening and night call with the other subspecialized radiologists. I heard that in Canada, the neuroradiologist works separately from the other radiologists and have their own schedules and only read "complex cases." So that the other specialty radiologist will read stroke CT's and CTA's. Is this true all across Canada? Also I want to do a fellowship in neuro, however in the US, I can do
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