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  1. Since, as you mentioned, you are an aspiring lawyer, why don’t you simply stick to that?
  2. Hi everyone, I didn’t expect that so many people would reply. I will be creating a Facebook group so we could find each other and schedule practices. Please find me at: https://www.facebook.com/ifactorial
  3. Anyone wants to practice MMI? I’m planning to prepare a bit by myself and then practice it the “Kira Talent” style with someone on Zoom. I can start practicing in mid February and am generally available. Please get in touch on Facebook if you are interested: https://www.facebook.com/ifactorial ps, don’t forget to email back your confirmation form.
  4. At least your problem is easy to fix (since your gpa is so great. Good luck next year if you are applying again!
  5. Whaaaaat… I don’t understand this… how could you be rejected based on these stats
  6. Mine came out yesterday Result: interview April 2 Timestamp: Jan 14 1 pm OMSAS GPA: 3.85 CARS: 131 IP/OOP: IP Casper: 3rd quartile
  7. I’m looking for someone to practice for McMaster MMI with, starting in February 2022. Please get in touch: https://www.facebook.com/ifactorial
  8. Hello, currently, we have a Facebook group https://m.facebook.com/groups/259870099276531/?ref=group_browse, but I can’t start practicing until about February due to personal reason. I’m not sure if the other people are doing anything yet.
  9. Depending on your school of choice, you may or may not have to get a second undergraduate degree in order to get in. For instance, Queen's calculates a two-year GPA, which, if your second and third years get used in calculation, would turn out to 3.7+, which is a score some applicants managed to get in with (see the Acceptance/Rejection/Waitlist sections of school-specific forums for the stats). Also, in some schools (was it McMaster or UofT? It escaped my memory at the moment), a conferred Master's or PhD degree gives you a boost on GPA. Hopefully you find this information useful, bu
  10. If your transcript is from an Ontario institution, the electronic transcript should be received within 14 days of your submitted request (in your case, hopefully it was received by Sept. 30th). If your transcript is from an institution outside of Ontario, you need to check this with the office in charge of academic records at your school for details regarding your mailed transcript. Hopefully things have worked out for you!
  11. Really...? Most conferences I attended required that the work has not been previously published or presented in another conference, otherwise you would get a duplicate conference paper. In this situation, I would describe the work in relation to the most prestigious conference where it has been presented or the one where I have an associated paper published.
  12. Yes, I did something similar. I have been involved in a small religious organization for the past three years and for my ABS, I wrote two entries for this experience, one as extracurricular activity and the other as volunteering activity. With that said, I'm a first-time applicant this year, so I don't really know how this would turn out for me; but I'm not concerned about this and I hope you can be at ease with your application (since the deadline has passed already and there is nothing more we can do about it) as well.
  13. Wow, has there not been a premed mom since 2012? I'm applying to McMaster, UofT, and Queen's for the first time in the 2021/2022 cycle, and I wonder if there is anyone else in the same boat.
  14. I'm a first time applicant, applied to McMaster, U of T, and Queen's. Recently finished my CASPer and am now feeling nervous about my next step. Haven't seen my cGPA on OMSAS yet and always feel like something is missing in my application, so I have checked OMSAS portal again and again just to make sure that my application is complete (this may have become my new obsession). I heard from elsewhere in this forum that interview invitations usually come in the spring (February-ish, I'm assuming?), so I'm wondering if anyone (who is also applying this cycle) wants to form a group so we can discuss
  15. Mac or bust strategy... It's my first time hearing about it and I find it interesting. I would question the admission criteria of the school which accepted the said student if this **DELETED** story was true, because a doctor should be more than someone who is good at tests. On the other hand, it is difficult to objectively measure applicants' personality. With that said, McMaster is still my top choice in the current application cycle.
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