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  1. I still haven’t heard anything yet but at this point assuming I got the R IP gpa 3.82 cars 127 casper 4th q i didn’t have much hope as I know my stats are very average but can’t help but feel helpless as it was my 5th time rewriting the MCAT and macs the only school I could apply to with my situstion congrats everyone though and best of luck with your other apps too!
  2. Omg what ?!?! I didn’t get anything yet is that a bad sign eek i feel sick LOL
  3. Thank you again for following up!! Ahh so nervous I feel nauseous eek fingers crossed everyone
  4. @ThirdTimesACharmthank you so much for taking the time to email! Did you happen to receive any responses back? ><
  5. @Magicath I feel you! I have the same cars score of 127 (rewrote mcat 5 times now) and 4th quartile but a lower gpa (3.82) and I’ve been so nervous, couldn’t sleep last night, not sure if I should feel hopeless or slightly hopeful . Wishing everyone best of luck !
  6. Hi everyone I’m so nervous for interviews to come out! my stats are gpa: 3.82, cars: 127 and Casper 4th quartile and I’m IP. I’ve seen a few posts in the past where people with similar stats receiving interviews so I’m a little hopeful but also nervous knowing my chances are slim. good luck to everyone!! Wishing everyone a happy new year as well
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