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  1. I forgot to update my comment, but I got an invite on Friday! I am so very happy and will be prepping loads for the interview
  2. They usually send them out between about 10-60 mins after invites. Keep your head up, I'm wishing you the best of luck on your other apps
  3. Program: MD Result: Invite!!!! Timestamp: 1:02PM OMSAS GPA: 3.95 CARS: 127 (I know.) IP/OOP: IP Casper: 4th Q This my first II and first cycle, I am over the moon and so very grateful!! Hopefully this provides some hope for future low/mid CARS scorers
  4. INTERVIEW INVITES ARE OUT Interviews are going to be synchronous! Just got mine now
  5. I am wondering what you guys think (really stressed at the moment): GPA: 3.95 Cars: 127 (I know) Casper: 4th quartile, felt confident about it and answered all Q's Geo: IP Thank you in advance ( @bearded frog, I would appreciate your input if you would be so kind as to offer it )
  6. Well OMSAS med school decisions are made on 10 May, so at this rate Mac will probably send out interview invites on 9 May at 11:59 pm if we're lucky
  7. Wow I really thought they were coming today Hopefully tomorrow!
  8. It's agony! Hopefully we'll hear back soon. Keep your head up
  9. I love how I'm waiting for the results fully knowing I'm going to be rejected Good luck, everyone
  10. Good luck to everyone! My stats are: GPA: 3.95, Cars: 127 (this is what I'm quite worried about), Casper: 4th quartile, geography: IP Fingers crossed that we'll hear back soon
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