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  1. I did UTM Life Sciences and took many courses at St. George and would never go back. I've done bachelors level courses at 4 undergrad institutions and my grades at all other institutions were on average 8-12% higher with the same or less effort when compared to UofT. I consider UofT a huge mistake in hindsight. That said, I was still able to achieve my goals. So, take it as you will.
  2. Verification is random. Many people may never have their verifiers contacted; mine weren't. Not to worry :). Best of luck!
  3. @aquanaut Are there areas of medicine you have some interest in at this point? There are many areas in medicine that have good lifestyle options, so to speak. Psychiatry, family medicine, PM&R, community pediatrics, and others. If you can see yourself being drawn to these areas, I would certainly give medicine a go. However, residency in most any area will require a lot of work hours and commitment. Monetarily, both medicine and dentistry allow you to earn a very, very good living. The caveats in medicine are that some specialties have fairly poor job markets in Canada right now and the Ca
  4. Lighter - Nils Frahm - Solo Hans Zimmer - Inception Fizzarum - How Nature Works A Winged Victory for the Sullen - Self titled Keith Kenniff - Branches Deaf Center - Owl Splinters Balmorhea - HEIR Tim Hecker - Harmony in Ultraviolet Loscil - Endless Falls Julianna Barwick - Pacing Library Tapes - Sun Peeking Through Dreyma - Askja Aes Dana - Pollen Heavier - Plini - Sweet Nothings Plini - Other Things Chimp Spanner - Imperium Vorago Animals As Leaders - Weightless Chon - Newborn Sun Scale the Summit - The Collective Intervals - In Time Pomegranate Tig
  5. 270k at the end of med school. Had to maintain two houses and fly from one side of the country to the other every 3-4 weeks to maintain a long distance marriage. No help from provincial loans as I've never qualified for them.
  6. It's really nasty and likely only to get worse in years to come... some really great people in my class did not match. I feel for them. I also realized through the CaRMS tour that another factor is personality. Once you get an interview somewhere, a really large part of the match is how you connect with your interviewers. It doesn't much matter who you are on paper whether it's # of publications, PhD, etc. if there isn't good chemistry. Inevitably, the process seems to favour extroverts. I feel very fortunate to have matched and feel horrible for people that weren't as lucky. From my unde
  7. I would take a strong reference letter and a good working environment any day over a single publication. Particularly given that you have the goal of medicine and not academia. You are essentially working for free and contributing positively to the productivity of the lab. It's a mutual relationship and to hold your personal goals against you is pretty gross and unreasonable. I would resign as quickly as is reasonably possible and seek greener pastures.
  8. In at 35 after going back for additional undergrad for a few years before being accepted. I've often reflected on whether I would do the whole thing again. It was a very, very difficult period of time. It was also a realistic possibility that I would never gain acceptance--getting into med school in Canada is quite difficult. I'm not sure I would undertake the process again, but I'm very happy to be in medicine. I love it just about every day. It does require a lot of sacrifice and the expectations are pretty unrealistic. Especially if you have a family already. I would just say, know what you
  9. I am a UofC student in my last year and had a previous career in a completely unrelated field. UofC tends to "like" applicants with a diverse background and this is quite apparent if you look at the demographics in our class. You don't need to have any specific pre-reqs for UofC, but I would take a look at the applicant manual to get a sense of the "full-time status" that is required at UofC. I know many college athletes carry less than full course loads while competing at a high level and understandably so. Your gpa is fine for UofC and if you do well on CARS, I think it will really come down
  10. Hmmm. I'm not sure how fruitful it would be. I suppose, if you've already been cut out from an interview, it's not going to hinder things and it shows sincere interest. I do know of a person that approached the program director following a rejection and later received an interview only days before the interview date. I think they even landed in the program.
  11. Anatomical Pathology: Pathology: Memorial, Ottawa, Queens, McGill, Calgary (Gen & AP), Manitoba, Dalhousie, Western, Toronto, Alberta (Gen Path & AP), UBC, McMaster (Gen & AP)Anesthesiology: NOSM, Ottawa, USask, Calgary, Western, Queen's, UBC, McMaster, Dalhousie, MUN, Manitoba, Toronto, Alberta, UdeMontréal, McGillCardiac Surgery: McGillDermatology: Alberta, Calgary, Toronto, McMaster, Ottawa, McGillDiagnostic Radiology: McGill, Queen's, Calgary, MUN, Dalhousie, UBC, Manitoba, Western, Alberta, Toronto, McMaster, Saskatchewan, Montreal, McGill, OttawaEmergency Medicine: Queen's, S
  12. Noper! Last year, the invite came out on December 19 from Queen's. Not that that means anything. I'm sure things will be released in the near future. We are lucky with neurology coming out so fast this year. I'm thankful. Going through all of those applications would be a lot of work. Particularly with this year seeming to have at least as many applicants as last year based on the information I've heard....
  13. I concur. I would say there is very little chance in Canada without a second degree, unfortunately. If you can get two solid years under your belt, you will fare better. I think you need to sort out study habits and grades in general before jumping in though. Even your best year needs to be significantly higher to have a realistic shot. Sorry not to have better news. If you can see yourself working in research, you could pursue the Masters degree. This route wouldn't improve your chances for medicine though. A single year at AU also won't be enough to pull you up into a competitive gpa ran
  14. Anatomical Pathology: ALL RELEASEDAnesthesiology: NOSM, Ottawa, USask, Calgary, Western, Queen's, UBC McMaster Dalhousie MUNCardiac Surgery: McGillDermatology: Alberta, Calgary, Toronto, McMasterDiagnostic Radiology: McGill, Queen's, Calgary, MUN, Dalhousie, UBC, Manitoba, Western, AlbertaEmergency Medicine: Queen's, Sask, LavalFamily Medicine: Laval, Sherbrooke, Montreal, Toronto, McGill (Montreal urban, Gatineau), Western, Queen's, Alberta (Urban and Rural), NOSM, MUN, UBC, McMasterGeneral surgery: Manitoba, McGill, McMaster (Niagara), DalhousieInternal Medicine:Laboratory Medicine:Medical B
  15. Honestly, I'm sort of questioning the Western invites. A very strong neuro candidate I know in my class who did an elective in Western has not heard back. Neither have my classmates or I. I feel that the invitations post may have maybe been premature.
  16. Thanks MDLaval. Seems I'll have to give up an interview somewhere. McGill is the only program that overlaps, unfortunately.
  17. Hoping for some advice. Was offered a spot at McGill for an interview for neurology. Both of their interview dates overlap--first date with Queen's, second with Western. Has anyone had experience with being able to travel in a single day for two interviews? Would this be feasible between Montreal and Kingston? It would seem that wouldn't be possible between Montreal and London. Any thoughts?
  18. Preclerkship was very chill. I never attended class and studied on my own schedule. I had tons of time to do hobbies and lots of exercise. I also attended UofT for undergrad as goleafsgochris did and found it to be a huge burnout. As others have said, clerkship has been different. I'm in a 3 year program with essentially no breaks. I'm very exhausted right now leading into the holidays and feel physically awful. I've exercised when I've had the time (and motivation<--mostly this). I've found when I've had downtime, I really just want to do absolutely nothing and sleep. Also, poor nutri
  19. Anatomical Pathology: Memorial, Ottawa, Queens, McGill, Calgary, Manitoba, Dalhousie, Western Anesthesiology: NOSM Cardiac Surgery: Dermatology: Diagnostic Radiology: McGill Emergency Medicine: Family Medicine: Laval, Sherbrooke, Montreal General Surgery: Internal Medicine: Laboratory Medicine: Medical Biochemistry: Medical Genetics: Neurology: Manitoba, UBC Neurology-Pediatric: Calgary Neuropathology: Neurosurgery: UBC, Manitoba Nuclear Medicine: Sherbrooke Obstetrics and Gynecology: Memorial Ophtalmology: Orthopedic Surgery: Otolaryngology: Pediatric
  20. Anatomical Pathology: Memorial, Ottawa, Queens, McGill, CalgaryAnesthesiology: NOSMCardiac Surgery:Dermatology:Diagnostic Radiology:Emergency Medicine:Family Medicine: Laval, Sherbrooke, MontrealGeneral Surgery:Internal Medicine:Laboratory Medicine:Medical Biochemistry:Medical Genetics:Neurology: ManitobaNeurology-Pediatric: CalgaryNeuropathology:Neurosurgery: UBC, ManitobaObstetrics and Gynecology: MemorialOphthalmology:Orthopedic Surgery:Otolaryngology:Pediatrics:PHPM: UBCPlastic Surgery:PM&R:Psychiatry: McMaster, MemorialRadiation Oncology:Urology:Vascular Surgery: Western
  21. Totally this. Sleeping really poorly for the last 2-3 weeks which is extremely uncharacteristic for me even in stressful periods. Particularly given how exhausted I feel in the first place. This is different.... Hang in there! I'll send you positive, restful vibes.
  22. I know at least one of my classmates that earned their degree at AU. I also took several courses at AU. I will say, though, that this was before the rules were changed in the UofC applicant manual that talk about MD/PhD granting institutions etc., which I clearly don't know all of the details about. Admissions would be able to answer your question fairly directly.
  23. To continue on JohnGrisham's thinking, I would urge you to evaluate whether you will be able to devote enough time and attention to your studies to obtain a high gpa. It seems like a lot of change has been happening in your life for a few years. If you feel like there may be an opportunity for you to be distracted from your studies by other important life circumstances, it is sometimes worth thinking about stepping away from academia until you're more able to give it the time and attention that's needed. Best of luck!
  24. You can use the e-mail as proof to confirm next week. I wouldn't worry about this, personally.
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