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  1. My drinking is a 4.0, but it has to be haute beer or candy drinks, and my flinstone flop was published. Hmmm so it seems I'm getting really mixed feelings about my situation.... probably not a good thing. Appreciate the feedback nonetheless.
  2. Appreciate your response youngdad and good luck at your interviews! I hope you do well. Such a good feeling to come that far, so congratulations. Re: cgpa. If my ballpark estimate of my poor years are approximately correct, then assuming I maintain the cgpa I suspect during my time at UofT, my cgpa would end up being a sad 3.2. Despite the UofT gpa being 3.85 or so. This is obviously my main concern... especially considering that occurred 10 years ago which is, essentially, a lifetime.
  3. 1. If I were to convert to a 4.0 scale, it'd likely be in the 1.8-2.0 range. In my second year, I literally had to move away to remove myself from my home situation, and I did so without withdrawing from my courses, leaving failure in all my finals etc. Needless to say, I was enormously caught up in my home life at that time. 2. Well cGPA for just this degree will likely be high 3.8 to 3.93 or so I'd suspect, not including the part-time studies I did prior to transitioning into the full-time work. If I were to include my original gpa...... I don't even know, but it wouldn't be competitive obv
  4. I'd appreciate any experiences anyone has with a situation similar to mine. I can't be unique . I'm currently 28, and have been working in advertising for 7 years. I recently left senior level positions as a creative director upon the realization 2-3 years ago that I wasn't truly following a career of meaning. This isn't to say medicine is the only means of attaining a meaningful career--I'm aware of that. I've always had a seemingly innate interest in medicine. Leaving my career wasn't easy with a significant salary and awards under my belt. In 2007 I started transitioning back to sc
  5. True enough. I believe UofT has a policy that states no more than 15% of all people can receive 80+. Alas. I'm actually curious, during my part-time return, will those grades be included into any gpa calculation? This was pre-ugrad enrollment, but the course would fulfill some pre-requisite requirements.
  6. I hear you - I realize the consistent marks are obviously better. I'm an old dude and just transitioned back to full-time studies after working in advertising (and continuing to freelance) for 7 years. Last year I did part time studies, with no marks under 92%, but coming into full-time school at the UofT life sciences has definitely not been easy whilst juggling mortgages, freelance work, studying and doing research. So my gpa this year will likely be 3.78 due to a 74% and a potential high 70 in a 1.0 credit course which is somewhat frustrating. Hoping I can pull that 1.0 credit course to exa
  7. Well isn't that just disappointing . Thanks for the reply.
  8. If your transcript uses both percentages and letter grades/gpa, will medical schools look at your percentage? For example, my overall % average is 88%, but my gpa is 3.78. That's obviously a difference. . I do know that UBC looks at percentages. Thanks!
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