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  1. I was able to do both organic courses in 8 weeks. Good resources, fair exams, good tutors. It's a fair workload, but doable quickly if you focus! Just make sure the course is transferable to McGill.
  2. Salutations, My name is _____ and I am a medical student at _______. Blah blah blah. Byebye or whatever, Name A signature in 99% of all situations is really unnecessary. Establish context in your opening line. If the point is to state who you are, do it up front or where it's relevant (ie: I wanna research stuff with you and I have a PhD in whatever from wherever and that makes me pretty comfortable doing this this sorta thing). Otherwise, I feel that you're just putting something as filler to state your level of awesome. Sincerely, Justin Trudeau PRIME MINISTER OF CANADA My
  3. Nalin at CIBC is really excellent. Knowledgable and always quick to reply to questions. Highly recommend. He's been great with me. 416-757-6780 ext 345
  4. I find constant preoccupation about how much money you can make distasteful. The family docs I've worked with during med who are mostly concerned with raking in as much money as possible are not doctors I would ever want as my family physician. Rushed appointments and often point-blank refusal to see complex and underserved patients in their practice were the norm. That sort of mentality is an obvious disservice to patients. RE: OP I thought I was likely going to be pulled towards rural family when I entered med school. I realized it wasn't for me after the first year of school. The two
  5. I think there is good advice above. I think you should choose things that will let you grow and mature. Do things that might lead down other career paths that you could see yourself pursuing as well. Medicine doesn't always work out as an end game and I think having other viable options is usually wise.
  6. This may not be the type of answer you are looking for, but I will offer my opinion since you're looking for advice. I want to preface this by saying I am not at all meaning to seem insensitive and I can appreciate the struggle you're going through. I also very much acknowledge the willingness to do the work to improve yourself and your application. I have been following your posts for some time. I think you might want to take a look at yourself and how you approach and deal with things on a very broad level. While it's often beneficial to look at the process-type ways to improve your appl
  7. Don't get me started on how much I love cats, but that sounds awful! How long did they scream for? And try to get trapped under the brake or gas pedal. Weirdos. Terrible creatures that I love.
  8. Also drove from Ontario to Calgary for school. Chose the drive route through the US and took up visit time in Detroit, Chicago, Madison, and North Dakota (which is beautiful!). Treated it as a mini vacation over about a week. The catch is that my back, shoulders, and hips were destroyed from being in a car for so long. It was nice to do once, but I probably wouldn't do it a second time. How many opportunities will you have to drive across the country? Also, there are furnished places that you can find to rent while here. Just a thought.
  9. SHC: block just south of Marriott is free parking and I always get a spot. RGH: the neighbourhood across the street (across Crowchild) and the little road that goes to the bridge over the reservoir are both free for parking. PLC: parking lot in the strip mall across the street is also free.
  10. Bumping (reviving) this thread in case there are questions that newly accepted students may have that have already been answered in here or to open the door for further questions. Congrats to the new aminals!
  11. Took it. It was fine and fair. I finished the course in around 4 weeks. Be sure to book your labs, midterm, and final exam well in advance. I did the labs right at the start of the course, got the write-ups out of the way quickly, spent 2.5 weeks studying the rest of the material and then wrote the midterm and final back-to-back. Just my approach. As for tips, the most important would be to use the study guide diligently and you will probably do very well. AU's courses are not designed to bell curve a bunch of med gunners who have high gpas to a mean of 68% like most institutions. The courses
  12. I would check applicant manuals for each med school. Some schools stipulate that you must complete courses via distance in the same semester timelines (Sept - Dec., Jan - Apr) for courses to count. Some institutions also don't accept distant courses as legit. In addition, some undergraduate programs require a letter of permission to take distance courses if you want the course counted as credit towards your degree program. All things to consider.
  13. There are sneaky ways at every hospital to not pay for parking . You just have to walk short distances after parking. Sometimes it's worth it to save $15/d. thisone: I used rentfaster to find my place in Kensington. Things are always popping up online, so I don't think there's a huge urgency in jumping on properties. I found my place about.... 4-6 weeks out. If there is a listing that you really like that is for June though, for example, you could try messaging the landlord and asking to start in July. I really like the apartment I have right now, but when I was looking for places to rent
  14. I also moved from Toronto and am in Kensington. I originally to the neighbourhood adjacent to the health sciences campus.Unfortunately, the area surrounding the health sciences campus is a desert for food or much of anything interesting. I bike or drive to campus from Kensington. Kensington is also sort of equidistance to fmc, rgh, and plc and is right on the river. Loving it a lot and happy I moved.
  15. Agreed with above. Reasonable course that is how organic on the intro level should be taught. No unnecessary, impossible questions like what's seen @ many universities who are trying to force grades into bell curve with a class full of overachieving premeds. Lab write-ups are quite long, but it's nice to get out of the way in one weekend.
  16. Ugh. What happened to neurology? Starting to rethink my first choice.... sudden surge of 61 1st ranked for 43 spots.
  17. ENG255 and ENG211 were courses I took at Athabasca that were good.
  18. Adequate sleep with good sleep hygiene, keeping active on the majority of the days of the week (cycling, skiing, swimming, running, squash, gym training, yoga), maintaining healthy social contacts, eating well (pizza is currently a nemesis), making sure to regularly break the routine and explore, setting realistic goals instead of long lists that are likely unattainable and induce unnecessary stress, keeping perspective.
  19. I'm not sure if I'm following, but your residency status will be whatever it is at the moment you apply. If you don't meet the criteria at the time of application for AB residency, then you'll be considered OOP.
  20. The short answer is yes. This is why I said you could do "mostly" any elective during your clerkship year. Calgary front-loads 8 (of 12) weeks worth of electives at the start of your clerkship year. One of the issues with front-loaded electives is that some institutions require clerkship students to have completed core rotation training, or sometimes just an elective, in the area students wish to have a secured elective. UBC internal medicine was an example for me this year. I heard other classmates had issues with pediatrics. Some institutions are very strict about their policies and others a
  21. Your electives in third year can be anywhere and in anything that you choose (mostly). If you are meaning core rotations, it seems unlikely that UofC would allow you to complete a core rotation at another institution, but that's just my feeling.
  22. This. Unless something has changed. My verifiers were not contact. I know others who had verifiers contacted, but were rejected. Don't read anything into it.
  23. This is how I approached things in our year. The date kept on getting pushed back for offers to be released and I felt stress creeping up. I chose May 15th since this is when other schools are mandated to release. It helped me let things go and get on with doing activities that were more healthy. I think many people pursuing medical school deal with higher levels of neuroticism and anxiety than the general public . You really need to find a way to reframe your thinking because, believe me, the pressures get worse both on an acute and a chronic basis if you receive the good news of an accep
  24. I'm sure if you reread your message, you might be able to see how it is insulting to very qualified individuals who have unsuccessfully interviewed, often multiple times. Might be a good idea to check yourself a bit. I think it's also important to realize that the top 600 candidates (and especially the top 300, 150, or however many people a school accepts) are all very highly qualified individuals. Sometimes it's not so easy to be in the top 50% of this sort of group of individuals. I'm sure you can appreciate that. At the end of the day, there is a large lottery component to the interview
  25. So good!! <3 That closing track will be in my head for days.
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