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  1. I had an inkling during the advocacy symposium who you might be . Unfortunately (or fortunately, really), I'm in Ottawa on an elective right now so I won't be able to make the interviews! I'm sad. It was such a good time last year. I know you will do an awesome job . Sorry again about the cardio/resp midterms. They're not the most fun. You'll get through them!
  2. Love that you're carrying on the forum torch with this thread, MSWschnoodle & sjc2 <3. MSWschnoodle, we still haven't met!!! Can we please change this? Best of luck to all of the interviewees this cycle! It was an awesome experience hosting the Dholes last year for interviews. I know they will take care of you new potential animal family members this year. The Dholes are an awesome bunch.
  3. I strongly disagree with this statement. I know many medical students and now doctors that had no science base before entering medicine. I don't even agree that the MCAT is a good predictor of success in medicine. There are many examples of medical students and doctors who did an undergraduate degree in an area unrelated to science who are exceptional. If the CaRMS framework looks for abilities like leadership, advocacy, interprofessional collaboration, etc., you can find fantastic candidates with these attributes who lack a science background. The only reason to do well on all parts of the MC
  4. You can study for all sections of the MCAT in 2-3 months and do perfectly fine on the exam if you're focused. You don't need any pre-requisite courses at any post secondary institutions to do well on the MCAT. My two cents.
  5. I am currently maintaining a long distance relationship and am entering my third year of meds. My spouse is in Ontario, I'm in Calgary. We have been together for 13 years, married for 8. Honestly, it's been very difficult. We originally began with trying a visit every 2-3 months. We soon found out that that length of time was much too long. We visit now once every 4-6 weeks and talk/message on the phone pretty much every day. Enduring the process has changed over time and I can outline how it has changed below. Of course, this is only from the perspective of my own relationship and I'm sure ot
  6. I entered the letter grade when I applied. I seem to remember admissions telling me to use whichever would be better. You could always call to confirm. I don't know the answer to #2. Sorry!
  7. One of my favourite medical words, for sure! <3 My colleagues said what I would say regarding wearing suits--I agree. The other point I would make is about good colour coordination. Personally, I prefer a monochromatic colour palette with a bit of pop and I would second MSW's suggestion of wearing something that fits you very well. I would also tend to not wear a black suit for interviews, but this is just my opinion. Even if you can't afford / don't want to spend the money at a place like Harry Rosen or Holt's (James & Dickson in Kensington is also a great little store), it mi
  8. Another here and also @ UofC. Returned to school at 27 to upgrade and full-time at 28. Entered med @ 35. Very long and windy road that was certainly not easy, but I'm happier now than I have been in many years. There were many times where I didn't think I would meet my goal (and was honestly surprised when I was accepted). I suppose what I'm trying to say is that even if you invest your time and energy into working for a medical school acceptance, know that it may not happen. There are many very highly qualified applicants that are rejected each year. Know this and do your best to put your bes
  9. Sorry you're going through a difficult period of time and struggling with your academics. First, I think the university has offered you an amazing opportunity to wipe part of the slate clean and come back for a fresh start. I would definitely take them up on the offer and at this point I think it would be difficult to develop a healthy routine and stabilize the issues that you're dealing with in just a month or two. I think it would be beneficial to take the time to work on the issues you have with some professional guidance. As per the academics. There are good resources at universities i
  10. Better to follow your interests than to have regrets, in my opinion. There are a number of physiotherapists in my class!
  11. My favouriteeeeee. Please feed me.
  12. There are many, many options. There's the LIM program http://cumming.ucalgary.ca/lim/ at the UofC. There are also many opportunities for students to do research with lecturers and other practicing clinicians. An e-mail is often enough to get things started. There are also many self-directed projects that are able to be published with a few hours of extra work from courses already built into the curriculum. If you're part of any student run groups, many of the larger events can result in publications, posters, abstracts, or presentations. Many of my classmates are quite involved in research and
  13. I mean, to be more blunt... you're the only person that can answer this question. If you have no idea, run through a couple of scenarios with someone who is objective and listen to their feedback. Take whatever time you feel you need to do the work.
  14. I ran through a few scenarios in the week leading up to the interview. Practice was more for timing than anything else. You will find that people have different approaches. Some people practice for months. Others much less. Try to find something that works for you. Nope. You don't need any specific knowledge to tackle the UofC interview scenarios
  15. Several of my classmates were defending well into their first year. A couple at different universities. I'm not sure of the arrangements made or what is possible--just that there are examples.
  16. Cycling, swimming, yoga, skiing, photography, colouring, and music.
  17. Hi Jack Russel - (1) There are 3 'semesters' per year at UofC. Our tuition fees per year around approximately $15 000 - $16 000 + books/material which are usually in the range of $500-$1000 for your first year (could potentially get away with less). (2) Living arrangements depend on what's important to you. If you want to be really close to class ie: roll out of bed and be in class in < 10 minutes, then res isn't your best bet since it's about a 20-25 minute walk. The res buildings are on the main campus which is separate and further north than the health sci campus at Foothills Hospi
  18. The latter. It's part of the overall subjective academic merit assessment from my understanding.
  19. I can't recall exactly, but I thought there was some sort of rule that if you can provide proof that you ordered it before a certain date then you're good to go. It should say in the applicant manuals or something similar.
  20. They get the specific reference for advocate, manager, collaborator, etc., yes. The length written is really up to the individual writing your reference, but I would strongly suggest that you choose someone that will write you a strong and comprehensive letter. Ie: someone that knows you very well and that is willing to put in the effort to write a very good reference for you.
  21. Do what you can. I had a few verifiers and one reference that didn't have a professional organization e-mail address because they work for themselves, for example. It was fine. The request admissions is making is understandable and reasonable, but it's obviously not a be-all end-all.
  22. My most succinct advice would be to avoid fluff/emotional statements that provide very little for assessors to match to R1-R7 attributes (I learned a lot and really enjoyed my time at blahblah....... no. Experience X was a very difficult and sad experience that was difficult and sad and awful and sad..... no.) Do make every word count. Use each sentence to explain something in your experience that relates back to the R1-R7/CaRMS attributes. My communication skills were _________ by doing ____________. I needed to make difficult decisions in a timely manner such as _______________. Make i
  23. Not health/social justice related, really, but Manufactured Landscapes is stunning and interesting.
  24. Anatomy for the MCAT is pretty straight-forward. Microbiology is a somewhat minor topic and can easily be studied without taking a university course as preparation. You'll be fine if you put in the time.
  25. Best anatomy text I've ever used: https://www.amazon.ca/Anatomy-Photographic-Johannes-W-Rohen/dp/1451193181/ref=dp_ob_image_bk
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