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  1. The most important thing for me when studying anatomy is to understand relationships. You will definitely need to memorize a lot of material, but the memorization becomes easier when you take the time to understand the spatial and functional relationships between the structures you're viewing.
  2. Your MCAT and GPA are excellent, but UofC puts a lot of weight on the writing of your top 10 experiences. Cover the CaRMS framework/UofC R1-R7 attributes really well in your write-up and you probably have an excellent shot.
  3. Niceee. Sounds like it went alright for you. Sorry that you got fisted.
  4. SO, today was the 25th. How'd it go?
  5. You must transfer provincial health and drivers license stuff over within 3 months unless you have a spouse residing out-of-province. In which case, you would apply within 12 months. Info on their websites. http://www.icbc.com/driver-licensing/moving-bc/Pages/Default.aspx https://www.welcomebc.ca/Start-Your-Life-in-B-C/Daily-Life/Get-Health-Care#anchor1
  6. Hmmmmm. This is a really tough one. I know some of those schools let you choose your best score while some make you choose your most recent. 7 vs. 3 is a huge difference as well. I think I would probably sit in on the exam, write it to the best of my ability and then pause on that void screen to contemplate once finished. If you felt you bombed the exam (which seems unlikely given the trend in your scores and the additional practice you've done), then void.... but if you felt ok, I feel like it's worth the risk to potentially have 4 more schools in the mix. That's just my opinion. I feel
  7. I took a year break after 3 years of my second undergrad and was eventually successful. You're wise to take a break and come back strong than to push through and potentially suffer the consequences. Best of luck .
  8. I would be worried about time commitment with two thesis projects. I found my thesis project to be quite an involved time commitment (~25 hours per week and even more hours in the final weeks) and I probably would have chosen not to have done it in hindsight as a result. Plus, you have a major write-up of 30+ pages at the end of term for each project in addition to a presentation for each on top of your 3 final exams and other coursework. If you feel you can balance two in addition to 3 courses and you're passionate about research, then sure. I would be pretty hesitant, however. A second thesi
  9. Success? ..... Follow your interests and do the things you do well and reliably. You don't need to volunteer at a hospital and take on undergrad research to get into medicine. Such a major misconception.... What are your interests?
  10. (1) Check out the CanMEDS framework: http://www.royalcollege.ca/rcsite/canmeds/canmeds-framework-e (2) There is a yearly and overall limit to the number of times you can write the MCAT. https://www.mcat-prep.com/mcat-frequently-asked-questions/ Some schools take the most recent score, some schools allow you to choose your best score, etc. Review the admissions criteria for the schools to which you plan to apply.
  11. (1) Biggest tips would be keep your gpa up. Aim for a 3.85+, if it's possible. Second would be to do well on the MCAT, especially the new verbal section. The third would be to pursue things you're passionate and/or curious about and to do them well. It doesn't matter in what area your interests lie, but it's important to do them well, with integrity, and with commitment. Continue to pursue things that allow you to grow as a person and gain new skills. Having a mentor is great whether you're a younger or older student and oftentimes a long term mentor will be able to provide you with a great re
  12. I WANT TO HUG YOUR KITTEHS!!!! So cuteeeeeeee. The bag is ok too.
  13. It is! Family is welcome and there is a food & drink gathering with photo opportunities afterwards.
  14. From what I can recall, we received our e-mail addresses in late June or so last year. I'm not sure if this will be different for you since the incoming class starts 3 weeks earlier than we did in 2015. MSWschnoodle is also correct that the exchange servers have been exploding for the last week. However, the majority of the students are on Office365 which is a different platform, so I'm not sure how much the downtime would affect the e-mail setup for the incoming class. I suspect you will have your e-mail address prior to orientation week, though, because there will be some activities that wil
  15. Difficult to say without the MCAT. Score well on Cars. The rest will be up to how you present your ECs in written format as there is a large portion of the application geared towards your top10. Your GPA meets the cut-off for eligibility, though!
  16. I often take a weekday that doesn't have mandatory classes to head to the slopes and also moved from Ontario. I hope you love it! So much good skiing/boarding and so close. Pretty amazing.
  17. I did a specialist at UTM in the program you're entering (and did many classes on the St. George campus). Some suggestions for courses that I took that I found very manageable to do well in and fulfill the requirements you're speaking of would include, Social Sciences: - GGR333 - Energy & Society - GGR287 - Food & Globalization - PHL283 - Bioethics I did well in the following courses, but they may be considered more difficult depending on your strengths/weaknesses Humanities - PHL220 - Existentialism - CLA201 - Latin & Greek for Scientific Terminology (lots of student
  18. Good for your to take steps to pursue your interests. I know it can seem like a mix of scary and exciting all at once to make a career change. While UofC does have a subjective component to applications, I would suggest that trying to pull up your gpa would be worthwhile. I realize you're working right now, but is it possible to get some extra full-time coursework under your belt? UofC will drop a year from your gpa, but a 3.3-3.4 will be challenging for admissions. Not impossible, but pretty challenging. My advice on the volunteering/EC thing is to not pursue things that will simply p
  19. I've been trying to get a sense of the job market for neurologists in Canada, but haven't found many indications of how difficult it is to find employment following residency. I was curious if someone could shed some light based on their experience? Are multiple fellowships common? Is it difficult to find employment as a neurologist if you don't also have an MSc or PhD?
  20. Neither. It's more about what you personally get out of your degree. Just be sure to keep them marks up! I put my research without publications on my application. I think publications are a nice thing to have and when you have high impact publications or if you have many publications, you can stand out. Again, it's more about what you take from the experience and how you put that in writing that matters. I have strong opinions about doing things just for the sake of your application. Instead of padding your application, pursue things you love and do very well. Those things will stan
  21. You get some useful things out of the membership, but there are too many perks to mention here. I suggest checking out the CMA/AMA resources for medical student membership benefits. CMA: https://www.cma.ca/En/Pages/medical-students.aspx AMA: https://www.albertadoctors.org/Member%20Services/studguide_2015.pdf They aren't long documents. Personally, I would say that the membership isn't not worth it.
  22. Making the cut-offs is only part of the process. You need to have a strongly written top 10 as well. The top 10 write-ups are a pretty significant part of the pre-interview evaluation process.
  23. - There is a Kinetix gym that seems reasonable in terms of price (how busy does it tend to be/does it a good selection of equipment?). Kinetix is decent, but your hours are restricted as a student. There's the dungeon as another option on health sci campus which is free (the name is fitting and it smells like old socks). Personally, I work out on main campus--I either ride my bike (~6 minutes each direction) or run (~11-13 minutes each direction) there and the facilities are fantastic. Lots of med school intramural teams play on main campus as well--volleyball, badminton, basketball, beach
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