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  1. Hi everyone. Friendly (mod) reminder to please stay civil and on topic. (Full disclosure- I will be removing some posts from this thread) Good luck to everyone awaiting their decision to UBC.
  2. Look at canmeds and ask them if they can speak to those traits, if possible.
  3. It's better to have your letters be good, regardless of what specialty the person is in. If you are applying to family and have 1 family letter, 1 from an internist, and one from a pediatrician that are strong, it's just as good as 3 strong letters from family doctors. People will get into the same program with 3 letters from 3 different specialists and 3 letters from the same type of specialist. Carms is all about if people like you and want to work with you or not.
  4. Tomorrow will hopefully be a better day!
  5. Agreed. Of all the changes to admission to be made, this one actually seems a bit drastic to me. Did that many people really apply from Ottawa that they needed to increase the GPA cutoff by 0.15? It's a large increase in wGPA.
  6. It's not a facade. I know many people in recent years who got into UofO, being from Ottawa, and having GPAs in the 3.7s.
  7. I don't even want to start about Ontario. You just try to piece the story together and hope that you have access to the community system (if you're in a LHIN that attempts to have an EMR)
  8. I have not had a similar experience at Western, but I can assure you that not all elective offices are like this. I have generally had very good experiences and a few electives admin have, in my opinion, gone beyond what I would have expected to get me an elective. However, I don't know how the portal changes things.
  9. Also, hope you have AC in your place. Or at least lots of fans. Southern Ontario is in a bad heat wave right now
  10. PEI to Hamilton in 1 day?!? Oh wow, have a safe trip!
  11. Actually, I think it sounds more like Queen's, Western, or Ottawa, with the hybrid mix of didactic and small group learning and early patient encounter opportunities. Makes sense, as Toronto was really one of the few schools that used the 'old' model of learning.
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