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  1. No but even that is incorrect for Queens, because they are known for ONLY using MCAT as a cutoff...meaning if you're 1 pt higher or 5 points higher, it does not make a difference. Unless you mean that higher MCAT scores = greater chance of making the cutoffs - then yes. But still its different concpetually than how many American schools would use MCAT. For example, for Queens, there seems to be no different between 12-15 for any section (since no cutoff is likely to be greater than 12). Anyway, Im wondering whether this has changed though
  2. hmmm I'm not so sure now ... any source to confirm? I cant find the "selection" page (http://meds.queensu.ca/education/und...d_of_selection) on their current site And McMaster (and UWO?) have started using MCAT scores beyond as cutoffs only recently I believe
  3. Does OMSAS contact the referees in any way when you submit on Oct 3 though?
  4. You sure about Queens? I thought they only considered GPA and MCAT for cutoffs to determine interview, and then MMI + reference letters to determine offers of admission. I found this page through a google search regarding Queens Method of Selection http://meds.queensu.ca/education/undergraduate/prospective_students/method_of_selection'>http://meds.queensu.ca/education/undergraduate/prospective_students/method_of_selection But interestingly, its no longer linked from their Prospective Students website (at least I cant find it) http://meds.queensu.ca/education/undergraduate/pr
  5. Do you need to select your referees before submitting the application on Oct 3?
  6. From OMSAS Website: I’m confused about the deadline for references. Is the deadline October 3 or December 1? The Confidential Assessment Forms should be received by October 3, 2011. Failure to meet this deadline means that the application will be sent to the medical schools without these forms and will delay the progress of their first evaluation. If these forms are not received by December 1, 2011, the medical schools may not be able to accommodate further review of the applicant’s file and, in some cases, an application with missing references will no longer be considered. http://www.ouac
  7. Hi Lupe, thanks for the excel file A couple of Q's: 1. How would you add the graduate degree bonus to the final score? Master's Degree holders: +0.01; PhD Degree holders: +0.04 http://fhs.mcmaster.ca/mdprog/graduate_work.html 2. Do you have any idea how a Masters + PhD would add up, or two Masters (ie. would you get both bonuses?)
  8. A student's academic success depends more on hard work than on intelligence. Pursuing higher education, through university and college programs, is a prominent career path for many young adults in economically-developed societies. It is natural to ponder what are the underlying factors that determine success in these programs? Often "success" refers to both high grades and the achievement of merit-based awards indicanting superior performance relative to their peers. Some argue that establishing strong study habits characterized by long working hours and tedious study are the most impor
  9. A popular television show reveals more about a nation than the editorial page of a newspaper does. In today's fast paced world, we are constantly bombarded with information from a myriad of media sources. In fact, if one sums up all of the time an average citizen of a technolgically-developed society spends watching television, listening to the radio, surfing the internet, and reading the newspaper, we conceivably spend more time interacting with the media than doing anything else. However, a common critique of such a media-driven lifesytle, is that with all of this information constantl
  10. Lies are often less harmful than the truth. The statement that "Lies are often less harmful than the truth" is an all-encompassing idea that can be interpreted and analysed on many different levels. Lies can be considered on the microscopic (person-to-person) scale, as to whether hiding the truth helps or hurts us when dealing with our friends, family, and coworkers. The concept of lying can also be analysed in an absolute sense, in terms of whether hiding the truth is correct morally or good for humanity as a whole. However, the statement concerning the cost or benefit of lying is most
  11. Thanks again for doing this thread Anita. I had a tough time getting started on this prompt and ended up going right into an example for the opening paragraph (wanted to come back, but ran out of time). I wonder how much that would "cost" me. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Youth and innovation are sometimes more beneficial in politics than age and experience The Iranian Revolution of 1979 certainly benefitted from the involvement of youth. This Revolution occured after it became common knowledge among Iranians that American and Brit
  12. whoops..wasn't aware of the deadline for the previous one. Thanks for still marking it though. And thanks for doing this thread!
  13. The popular music of each generation rejects the conventions of previous generations. From Elvis Presley, to James Brown, to Michael Jackson, the popular music in any generation has a distinct flaire and its own uniqe stars. One of the important characteristics of the emergence of a new style of music, is that one or a group of artists begin to rebuke the present conventions, and create a unique style that people enjoy listening too. In other words, they do what no one else is doing. These conventions often have to do with the rhythm of melody being played, the style of dancing accompan
  14. - clicked - A nation's ability to survive is often dependent upon its military strength Since the first civilizations of ancient Mesopotamia, to the Greeks, Romans, Soviets, and now American Empire (that may or may not be on its last legs), history is filled with the rise and fall of countless nations. It is natural to ponder, then, what is the key ingrediant that ensures the survival of a nation? Survival in this sense refers to both maintenance of the boundries that comprise its physical territories, but also the maintenance of its governmental structure and cultural ideologies.
  15. Well 40+ was just an example...but from the responses it seems like going international is not constrained by gpa/mcat...seems like money is the bigger obstacle here? My next question is naturally, if you can get the loans, should you take it? (which I think is what you're getting at....) obviously, if you cant get a match back in Canada and are stuck 200-300 K in debt, that is a bad position. but one thing I always wondered, can you get a "job" or residency in the country that you did the training in? For example, if you go to one of the Ireland schools. Can you get a resi
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