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  1. As much as I enjoy the slander and nerd-rage regarding East-West morals and single parenting, I'm sure you could take it to another thread and verbally assault each other just as effectively. I suppose the question to the OP becomes, how much have you talked to him all that much about this? Littered throughout the thread are some good points, but one that hits me is the need for good communication. If you can't discuss these things openly then there's a red flag already. If you have brought it up (which may be the case by now), really it's up to you to judge his character. I know it's
  2. I did consider that. It was fairly appealing I must admit, but I've got a good standing history with Scotiabank and it was really easy to set up and arrange my banking that way. I also have a few connections there, which makes the service a little better than the average person walking off the street would probably get. I hate to abuse that, but that's life sometimes. Also bear in mind I only mentioned the best and worst. All the rest weren't exciting enough to mention. MD financial is a solid choice, and other circumstances excluded may have been my preference.
  3. Any word on this? I'm looking at having to get a new phone plan pretty quick.
  4. I had it narrowed down to 3: RBC, Scotia, and TD. TD eliminated themselves by not living up to the basic conditions most loans have. Their rate was a full percent higher (3.5%) and they were not willing to match other banks. Before anyone makes suggestions, yes, I did speak with a student professional loan specialist and yes, I made extra sure that this was actually the case. I don't know if TD reads these forums, but you may wish to look into your Calgary branch. They are losing you business. RBC had a terrible system. Instead of being able to phone an individual branch they made me g
  5. Any 2012's attend last year? Was it worth it? Any 2013's going this year?
  6. Same here. I think see-those-stars found the fine print that applies to us.
  7. That's why it's paranoia, because it's completely unfounded. It's all good now of course. You may now ignore this thread.
  8. Got a letter (bloodsoaked) today for UoM, figured it would just be confirming that I declined. Turns out I got a $5000 entrance scholarship. NOW they tell me..... My decision would still have been the same, but the irony of it is sickening.
  9. I knew there was a catch! I guess the gutters running with blood and fleshy chunks should probably have been a hint
  10. Well, I got my U of A acceptance today, so that OOP spot will be open. Congrats to whoever gets in! UManitoba is a great school, and the people are really nice over there. I still need to find and thank that person who gave me a lift to the airport at interviews....
  11. There'll be another OOP spot as soon as U of A acknowledges my documents as received. I know declining this late is frowned upon, but you can only work off the information you have and if you get accepted off the waitlist....
  12. Hi, Not sure If anyone else has had this issue or if maybe I'm just being paranoid. I recently got accepted to U of A off the waitlist, but was accepted outright at UManitoba. I sent in my confirmation to UManitoba (since a bird in hand was better than two in the bush at the time) but now since I've now been accepted and have decided to go to U of A. So the question is: Since you can only be enrolled in one med school at any given point, do I have to refuse my offer at UManitoba before U of A will accept my confirmation (which I sent this morning) or will they accept me and then co
  13. What you should be putting on your application is what makes you stand out. While the statistics on donations may be low, most people seem to consider it more of a yearly errand than an actual act of volunteerism. It seems desperate to put that on, and desperate looks bad. As far as blood typing: * Blood group AB individuals have both A and B antigens on the surface of their RBCs, and their blood serum does not contain any antibodies against either A or B antigen. Therefore, an individual with type AB blood can receive blood from any group (with AB being preferable), but can donate bl
  14. Add it, but only if you've donated triple the amount you should. Normal amounts are merely altruistic, but surviving generosity-induced anemia is med school material. And while AB- is rare, it's also one of the least useful types
  15. I got offered a spot a couple days ago. There's a heavy amount of lag since they're apparently up to their eyes in paperwork. I haven't received the package yet, though I'm not sure if that's delay on their end or the mail service. This would be so much easier to do electronically.....
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