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  1. Strange... I have not yet been reimbursed yet Do they deposit directly in your bank account?
  2. Did anyone receive their CMPA reimbursement yet for this quarter?
  3. Hi everyone, I am pretty sure I have a pneumonia and was wondering what is the rule in self-prescribing antibiotics? Sorry if this has been answered before but I just couldnt find a thread on this matter. Thank you so much!
  4. The politically correct answer is no. But considering the large number of applicants who are doing onsite electives, I think the programs already have way more than enough stellar applicants to pick from. If Toronto or McGill is even close to your top 3 choices, you should definitely do an onsite elective to be even remotely competitive.
  5. Hey everyone, sorry to hijack this thread. Does anyone know a good RBC specialist in the Toronto Downtown area? Thanks
  6. Of note, if you are also writing the USMLE step 2, I think USMLEworld might be generally more high-yield as most people have stated that one can pass the LMCC without having studied for it.
  7. For both content and style, MCCEE questions appeared to be more similar.
  8. Seems like most of the MCQ questions in the MCCQE Part 1 this year are similar to the CanadaQBank MCCEE questions instead of their Testlet questions. Anyone else feel the same way?
  9. Wow this thread is very interesting. Could anyone shed light on the main tax reductions in the first few years (a few come to mind: tuition, moving expenses, anything else?) Thanks alot guys!
  10. Yea, surgical oncology is a fellowship after general surgery. But it's a surgical subspecialty on its own (mostly hepatobiliary malignancies, but also breast, etc.)
  11. CaRMs is closed now and will reopen on March 5.
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