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  1. Thanks. Is your student number the same as the one listed in beartrack?
  2. Hi, I was just wondering if the class schedule will be automatically given to us, or do we have to select courses and build our own schedule.... sorry if the question has been asked before, but I am not sure how I can add courses in beartracks
  3. I just came back from a 2 day trip and I see all the IPs and OOPs on the waitlist receiving offers....do they usually offer all the spots this early? What happened? Any chance to get more offers or do we have to wait for a few days, 2 weeks, before we get more offers?
  4. yeah....I have heard the same 60-70/barrel thing numerous times too...Alberta is having a bit of a trouble economy wise, but it will get better and more money will be injected into our health care soon hopefully also , the world is a very unpredictable place...so tomorrow morning, after a sudden war, we might go back to a 200 dollar oil prices/bucket jk...lets hope that won't happen ever:) I think UofA loves guys with a British accent, haha, maybe I should've tried it at my interview, so I would have not been on the IP WL now...
  5. Jen, I think you are a bit wasting your time...I think ppl would've responded by now if they wanted....sorry!
  6. did you get any interviews though? If you did, then you might just need to work on other aspect of your application....
  7. Are you a 3rd year from Ontario, b/c I know it is quite impressive to get a 3rd year OOP acceptance at UofA....good job!!!
  8. You should also ask the same question on DAL forum. Chances are that you might receive another perspective from people from DAL. As for research, just be cautious about what you take out of Mcleans, as it was mentioned here...you really have to take that with a big grain of salt. It is hard to conform that to Canadian schools. In terms of CARMS matches, you need to look at the absolute and relative number of residencies(vs. % of matches only). For instance, for a large class, such as UBC, 90% means that 10% of ~200+ people did not get their first choice...that is a big big IMO. But,
  9. No. Not on mine. I am IP. Are you OOP/IP? It could be different for OOP's....
  10. My friend was telling me that we had 20cm of snow in Edmonton yesterday, is it true? I am coming back on Friday, so hopefully it will be gone by then....or was he just kidding?
  11. I think both schools pretty much offer the same things. This is primarily true of all CND med schools, as the standards are usually regulated. In terms of research, UA and DAL are very similar to each other, both offering excellent opportunities for involvement. I think both schools have excellent student bodies. In terms of interaction with faculty members, networking, I think DAL might have a slight advantage--this is a mere exposure effect. But, then again, the variations are very minimal IMO. In terms of the weather, I think there is a huge difference. Edmonton's weather i
  12. Have you decided where you are going to end up yourself? You got a lot of acceptances I think....so, your decision will affect some...haha:D
  13. Hi, I was just wondering, if you have a lot a follow-up questions(from your responses to the interviewer questions), is that a good thing or a bad thing? Is it possible to have no or very little follow-up questions? What does that mean? Cheers
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