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  1. I was wondering because I am an IMG and I am re-applying this year, I got a few interviews at programs last year and although I didn't interview particularly well, it wasn't anything serious that would raise a red flag. Do past CaRMS applications and interviews influence current year applications? Or does a new year wipe the slate clean?
  2. If you didn't specifically assign the document, the programs won't see it. I doubt the Casper would be a deciding factor in granting interview.
  3. For MOTP do you need to have your medical degree? What if you are graduating just this year?
  4. They send out invites over the weekend for second round?
  5. As an IMG, your options are extremely limited. If I were you I'd focus on getting American clinical experience during your time off (assuming you did well on your USMLEs) and apply for the American match next year. Once you finish your training in the US you can easily come back to Canada in 5-7 years time. It's a tough situation but that's the course of action I'd most likely take if I were in your shoes and had decent USMLE scores.
  6. Don't give up hope. Many programs could have rolling IV invites so it could come later.
  7. Seems like Peds came out on Friday for IMGs. Any news on psych Toronto or Western?
  8. Looking from trends from previous years it seems UofT releases their IVs in batches
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